Hotel Equipment Financing Made Easy

Obtaining hotel equipment financing for upgrades and refurbishments is simple with CFI Accommodation Finance.

As specialist lenders in the hotel and accommodation sector, we offer industry-tailored finance solutions to suit the needs of your business. You can finance the required upgrades and refurbishments to your property, without outlaying your own hard-earned cash.

Hoteliers recognise the importance of maintain their property and keeping the business up to date with industry standards, but this can be an expensive undertaking. Many business owners don’t have the capital available, or are hesitant to drain their savings. Equipment and fit out finance offers a smart solution, allowing hoteliers to retain their capital, which can be spent across other facets of the business such as marketing and promotional activities.

Accommodation Finance Australia makes hotel equipment financing quick and easy. It is as simple as sourcing the assets you require from a supplier of your choice anywhere in Australia, completing the simple online application, choosing your preferred solution from those on offer and signing the contract. We’ll make payment to the supplier and the assets will be on their way to you.

What Can CFI Accommodation Finance Fund?

CFI Accommodation Finance can provide flexible hotel equipment finance solutions for equipment upgrades, refurbishments or entire fit-outs. We fund serialised, non-serialised assets and even custom-made assets. Some examples of items we can fund include bedding, soft furnishings, furniture and fittings, and technology or software upgrades (ie door lock systems, booking systems, POS, etc.).

We can also fund entire room fit-outs and refurbishment, including restaurant and dining upgrades, signage, and bathroom upgrades, which are often expensive. Our finance solutions can also be utilised for your refinancing, re-sale and change of ownership requirements.

Hotel Equipment Finance - Accommodation Finance Australia

Why Choose Hotel Equipment Financing with CFI Accommodation Finance?

Don’t spend significant sums of capital to purchase assets and/or pay for upgrades out of your own pocket. Retain your capital by funding your upgrades and refurbishments through CFI Accommodation Finance. Rather, invest your capital in business generating activities such as marketing and promotion, to bring more guests to your hotel.

Assets depreciate over time, so by financing these items and upgrades, you allow them to pay for themselves over time.

Utilising CFI Accommodation Finance funding solutions also allow you to avoid the lengthy application process of banks. Financing with us is quick, easy and convenient, and can be done from the comfort of your home or business. The application is completed online and takes around 10 minutes, from there we can have you pre-approved within 24 hours. If you have any questions, our customer service team is available 24/7 to guide you through the application process.

Our finance solutions offer competitive rates and low, manageable weekly repayments. With flexible and fixed term solutions available, you can choose the best option for your business. Some of our finance solutions also allow you to claim the weekly repayments as an operating expense of the business, making them 100% tax deductible.

The Simple 4 Step Hotel Equipment Finance Solution

  • Source the Assets You Need from the Supplier of Choice Australia-wide
  • Complete the Simple Online Application Form
  • Choose the Right Funding Solution for You
  • Sign the Contract

Once you’ve chosen the right option from our operating lease and chattel mortgage solutions, we’ll draw up the easy to understand contract and send it to you to sign. Then we’ll make payment to the supplier and all you need to do is wait for delivery of your asset.

Hotel Equipment Finance - Accommodation Finance Australia

More Information About Hotel and Accommodation Sector Financing

Funding through Accommodation Finance Australia allows hoteliers to access flexible funding solutions, with the ability to pick terms, and end of term options, to suit their business.

When applying with us, you can choose the supplier of your choice from anywhere in Australia and we’ll make payment directly to them on your behalf. Our funding can include serialised and non-serialised assets as well as custom-built items.

If you’ve avoided seeking funding in the past due to the difficulty associated with accessing finance from a bank, Accommodation Finance Australia is the solution for you. We make the process hassle-free and fast so you can get back to running your business.

Don’t spend your capital on expensive refurbishments, improvements and upgrades. Retaining these funds will provide an invaluable safety net for a rainy day or can be used to expand and promote your business, and fuel growth.

For more about the hotel equipment financing options available contact us today.