Hotel Finance – The Quick and Easy Way

The hotel finance solutions offered by CFI Accommodation Finance make funding your hotel upgrades and refurbishments fast and hassle-free.

Upgrading and refurbishing your property in the hotel market is important but costly process. As a leading finance provider to Australia’s accommodation sector, we offer solutions that allow hoteliers to upgrade and refurbish their property without outlaying a significant lump sum of cash.

With CFI Accommodation Finance, accessing finance is a simple four step process. All completed with the support of our 24/7 customer service team.

How it Works:

There’s a simple process to getting your assets financed through us.

  1. Source the Required Assets

    Find the assets you need from a supplier of your choice Australia-wide.

  2. Apply Online

    Complete the quick and easy online application with CFI Accommodation Finance.

  3. Choose Your Preferred Solution

    You choose from one of our industry-tailored finance solutions that suits your needs.

  4. Sign the Contract

    We send you the easy to understand contract to sign. We then make payment to your supplier and the assets are delivered to you.CFI 

Hotel Finance - Accomodation Finance Australia

CFI Accommodation Finance can finance assets including serialised and non-serialised equipment, as well as custom-built equipment. As specialists lenders for hotel refurbishments, upgrades, and fit-outs, here are some examples of what we can fund:

  • Bedding/Bedlinen and other Soft Furnishings
  • Entire Room Refurbishments
  • Upgrades to Bathrooms and Amenities
  • Restaurant and Dining Upgrades
  • Upgrades to Technology and Software
  • Branding and Signage
  • Refinancing Solutions
  • Re-sale and Change of Ownership Requirements

CFI Accommodation Finance gives accommodation based business owners the opportunity to renovate and conduct improvements by providing funding without the strict lending requirements and lengthy application processes associated with banks.

Here are some of the other reasons our clients choose hotel finance through CFI Accommodation Finance:

  • Fast and Convenient Application Process

    Our application form is simple and can be completed online. In most cases we have you approved within 24 hours.

  • Competitive Rates

    We offer manageable and low weekly repayments, as well as competitive rates.

  • Flexible Terms Offered

    You choose the term according to your needs from 12 months to 5 years. We also offer end of term options to suit you.

  • Repayments can be Made 100% Tax Deductible

    With Accommodation Finance Australia, weekly repayments can be considered an operating expense, like wages or rent and can be 100% tax deductible.

  • 24/7 Customer Service Available

    Our friendly Customer Service Representatives are available 24/7 to help you at any time of the day.

  • Retain Your Capital

    You can preserve your hard-earned capital to invest in other areas of the business like marketing, hiring more staff and business growth activities, instead of spending your liquid capital on depreciating assets.

More about Hotel Finance from CFI Accommodation Finance

Conventional lending institutions often have a complicated application process, which can require a lot of back of forth. Whereas CFI Accommodation Finance helps you finance your upgrades and refurbishments quickly and easily.

Most applicants take around 10 minutes to complete the online application and we can give pre-approval in as soon as 24 hours of receiving your application. Our finance solutions provide clients with manageable, weekly repayments as well as flexible end of term options, depending on the businesses requirements.

So why spend all your capital on expensive refurbishments and upgrades when retaining it provides a safety net of cash on hand for those unexpected surprises? Having capital reserves to deal with unexpected issues is an important contingency for any business.

Whether you are fitting out a new property, refurbishing an existing one, or simply upgrading some equipment, CFI Accommodation Finance has the right solution to suit your hotel finance needs. To find out more call and speak to one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives today.