5 Hotel Digital Marketing Ideas You Can Do Right Now

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5 Hotel Digital Marketing Ideas You Can Do Right Now

Start A Blog

Blogging is the original form of organic digital marketing and is a no-cost strategy that can help your hotels website rank higher in search engine, drawing potential guests to your website. As a hotelier you can start a blog on a range of topics such as what is happening at your property, local events and entertainment, and the best dining in the area. Whilst this strategy is a little more time consuming than others, if you focus on creating quality content it will continue to deliver visitors for years to come.

When starting your blog, ensure that you are using best practice techniques regarding SEO to get the most out of your posts. Using the correct heading tags, hashtags, keywords and backlinks will make all the difference!

Be Active on Socials

We know you have probably heard this time and time again, but we cannot stress the importance of socials enough. Social media should be at the heart of your consumer outreach strategy and offers a wealth of platforms to deliver creative and engaging content to potential guests. If you are not already, building up a social media presence is a great way to get your brand name out there are reach new audiences. It also is a way to continue engagement with past guests to encourage re-booking.

Social media can be done organically, or you can invest in paid campaigns. Depending on what your goals are paid campaigns may be the best option and are relatively low cost compared to other digital marketing initiatives. Creating and publishing text, photo and video content which is unique to your brand can help you develop a personality, whilst showcasing everything your property has to offer.

Make Yourself Mobile Friendly

Google announced that the number of queries they have on mobile has surpassed those completed on computers, indicating that mobile integration is more important than ever. Starting with your hotel’s website, make yourself accessible by ensuring your website is mobile responsible and provides a good user experience.

Features such as adaptable font sizes for different screens, limiting pop-ups, making sure the menu and search bar are easily accessible and ensuring information such as phone numbers are linked with click-to-call functionality. Further, ensuring that you have search engine features such as Google My Business set-up, so that when guests search for you online all your contact information is readily available.

Set Up A Remarketing Campaign

Hotel bookings have an alarmingly high abandonment rate, meaning that many consumers get to the booking stage but do not follow through. This doesn’t mean that they’re not interested anymore but could have gotten distracted or wanted to discuss with their travel partner!

Remarketing is a great way to get these consumers back on board, by reminding about your property through display ads across websites and social media. This strategy can decrease abandonment rate and increase bookings and keeps your brand front of mind. Remarketing campaigns can be run on search engines using tools such as Google AdWords, or via social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Get Creative with Video

Video as a marketing medium is quickly growing in popularity. This is especially true in industries where consumers are focusing on the visual aspect of an offering, which definitely applies to the accommodation industry. Research shows that people are 10 more likely to engage with video content, meaning that one video post can achieve a much broader reach than a simple text or image post.

Further, for hoteliers’ video offers a platform to offer a unique insight into their properties offering. Video tours are a great asset to have available on your hotel’s website and findings show that bookings are 67% more likely as a result.