The Rise Of The Pop-Up Venue

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The Rise Of The Pop-Up Venue

Australia’s tourism and hospitality industry has certainly taken a hit a result of pandemic related restrictions and social distancing requirements. But many venues have been looking for unique ways to adapt to the new landscape and maintain some form of revenue during periods where normal trade is not possible or is significantly reduced.

Seemingly, pop-up venues are a trend that is taking over the sector as a way to offer consumers a unique experience when their core product is unavailable. With young people spending more money on experiences rather than material goods, this is a great way to draw the interest consumers and establish a new stream of income.

This trend spans across hospitality venues such as bars and restaurants, accommodation venues, and even entertainment providers hosting pop-up gigs, galleries, and more. Whilst the concept is not exactly a new one, the way in which businesses are using them are adapting…

Often pop-up venues can be found in busy public areas, unrented retail space, or at a unique location – but now businesses are partnering with each other to gain mutual benefit from their pop-up ventures. Increasingly, we are seeing brands who want to test out a new concept partnering with venues who are seeing reduced trade due to the pandemic, utilizing each other’s strengths and overcoming their weaknesses.

This often sees retail powerhouses working with hotels and accommodation providers to make use of their otherwise empty spaces. Transforming properties event halls and ballrooms into a short-term venture provides the hotelier with revenue for use of the space and allows the retailer to launch their new concept without committing to a long-term lease or traditional bricks and mortar store.

As well as working with other brands, some hoteliers are taking it upon themselves to develop pop-up venue concepts to make the most of their venue. Whilst travel restrictions may be hurting occupancy levels, there is ample opportunity to create a new and exciting offering to entice locals to book a weekend away.

Rooftop igloos, countryside glamping, and many more unique ideas are popping-up in the accommodation market, and these new ideas allow consumers to try out something a little bit different without travelling to far from home.

So, has your venue considered launching a pop-up experience to help overcome the impact of the pandemic? We expect this trend will flourish in the post-pandemic landscape and continue on for many years to come.