Boutique Is Booming: A New Direction For Accommodation

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Boutique Is Booming: A New Direction For Accommodation

The hotel industry is booming, with new hotels popping up on almost every corner. Changing consumer behaviour is driving the hotel and tourism accommodation industry to make changes to suit consumers needs. According to a report by the Tourism Accommodation Australia “the largest growth has been in ‘lifestyle’ hotel brands concentrating on experiential travel, incorporating highly stylised and individual design elements that bring the guest into the heart of the destination”. This industry has seen a rise of niche hotels, as more and more people are opting for boutique and more unique accommodation options.

Both domestic and international travel is on the rise, there is high demand for rooms around the country. Australia’s international tourism rate is growing, with 9.2 million international visitors in 2018. However, consumer interest was in homestay style accommodation, which continues to outperform more commercial properties. This supports the notion that guests are seeking a more niche experience that can be fulfilled by boutique properties, where they can immerse themselves in the lifestyle of the locals.

Hotels around the world are jumping on board with this trend and creating their own unique properties, such as repurposing old churches, train cabins and old time wagons,  designing futuristic and Capsule hotels with robots, and using decommissioned oil rigs for divers. Old jails, Cruise ships and even Boeing planes are being converted to new hotels to attract more visitors to the area.

Tourism is a very lucrative industry for Australia, and many hotels are jumping on board with this trend. Below are a few you can find in Australia:

Desert Caves in Coober Pedy

Nestled in the heart of South Australia, a small country town sits upon opal mines. Due to the hot desert climate, many of the townsfolk have gone underground, literally. You can spend a night in an old mine shaft that has been converted into a cool hotel room.

Bubble Tent Camping

A short drive from Sydney, you can sleep under the stars in your very own bubble tent. These Bubble Tents look like igloos, allowing you to take in the beautiful views around you.


Live out your childhood Jungle Book dreams by staying the night in your very own treehouse in the beautiful Blue Mountains.

Sydney Railway YHA

This one isn’t quite as modern, but still worth noting. This Youth Hostel sits directly next to Sydney’s Central Station, and have converted old train cabins into rooms sleeping up to 4 people.