Glamping: Outdoor Experience with Hotel Luxuries

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Glamping Outdoor Experience with Hotel Luxuries

The glamping trend isn’t necessarily a new one, with the concept popping up around the globe since the 2010’s. However, the trend is becoming more commonplace with mainstream accommodation providers getting on board.

Glamping is the concept of traditional camping paired with the luxuries that come with a hotel stay and is the perfect option for those who want a little adventure before a glass of wine and comfy bed at night. When you think of glamping, luxury tents may be the first thing that come to mind, however tipis, yurts, domes and treehouses all fall under this category. Many glamping experiences will include a proper mattress and bedding, a generator for lighting and potentially a bar fridge, and bathroom amenities which may be private or shared.

Though the idea really came to life in Africa, where the wealthy wanted the safari experience without sacrificing the amenities they have at home, glamping is now more closely aligned with sustainable travel. Allowing guests to sleep among a beach, forest or desert landscape without the environmental implications of a structure like a hotel. The concept holds appeal among the younger audience, who enjoy the opportunity to get among nature and socialise with fellow ‘glampers’.

However, this is not to say that you can’t get an inner-city glamping experience, with some properties pitching up tents on their rooftops. This gives guests sweeping city views and a night under the stars, without needing to travel far. This is a common occurrence during transitional months, where the weather is more palatable and hoteliers can generate a little extra income without having to run the operation year-round.

Hoteliers may even opt to open a second site dedicated to glamping. With a relatively low entry cost and high nightly rate, this can act as an additional revenue stream. In doing so, site selection and nearby attractions are key, as being close to stunning locations and activities for guests will drive interest.

Overall, it looks like the glamping trend is here to stay. With a range of options available from a more rugged experience to a fully-catered luxury stay, glamping holds appeal across a broad range of consumer groups and could be a valuable addition to any hoteliers portfolio.