How To Appeal To The Millennial Guest

Published by James on

Millennials are becoming more and more active as consumers and represent a large market across all industries. Their interest in travel is above and beyond that of any generation that came before them, because of this, it is vital that hotels are able to appeal to this audience. However, their consumer behavior patterns are unlike those of other target markets and the way they engage with brands has meant that business owners must take a different approach. Below are some ticks and trips to help your hotel successfully appeal to the Millennial market.

Make The Most Of Mobile

It is no secret that Millennial consumers’ preferred platform to engage with brands is digital, and with 46% of travel booked through a mobile or tablet, it is vital that your accommodation based business can master this medium. Whilst some properties might be fully across their digital strategy, for others this may require a comprehensive audit of their online presence.

For Millennial consumers, the decision making process has a lengthy research phase, where they will scope out your property on a number of platforms before finally landing on your website to book. Because of this, it is vital that social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and even Snapchat) are up to date and showing what your hotel has to offer, as ultimately this is where the decision will be made. On top of this, ensure that your website and booking platform are optimised for a mobile device!

Is It Instagrammable?

The Instagram adoption rates among Millennial consumers is at an all time high, and in order to capture the youth market it is important to make sure your hotel is instagrammable. This involves providing your guests with a unique experience during their stay, and backing it up with fresh and stylish decor that provides the perfect backdrop. This doesn’t have to be a substantial investment, but taking note of what is trending in the interior design space before undertaking your next refurbishment will help increase your properties appeal.

The benefit of offering an instagrammable space is that the platform serves as a powerhouse for word-of-mouth marketing. If you can create an experience that has your guest sharing, checking in and posting photos you will open your hotel up to a whole new audience.

Cater To Solo Travelers

Solo travelers represent a large portion of the Millennial market, and are a valuable segment for hotel owners to target. With the adoption of more flexible lifestyles, many Millennials seek roles in which they can work while travelling or are simply pushing aside the traditional 9-5 routine in order to see the world.

Ensuring that your hotel caters to the needs of solo travelers is important, and can be easily achieved by offering packages tailored to individual guests. This may include adding on a bike hire to explore the area, or a walking tour with a local guide. As well as this, hoteliers should be sure to emphasize their USP’s which may appeal to solo travelers, such as communal areas or proximity to dining and nightlife precincts.